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My name is Dave, and like many people, I used to live paycheck to paycheck. It was a constant struggle to keep the bills paid and maintain the lifestyle that I wanted for my family. I've been around the block trying to maintain good credit - even resorting to paying credit cards with credit cards during hard times - just so my credit score wouldn't suffer.

One of my biggest mistakes was not "seeing the big picture". I focused on getting through the immediate crisis, never concentrating or planning on the end game - the strategy needed to dig myself out of debt. Debt can be very difficult, or impossible to escape without a good plan.

STEP 1: Recognize you need a plan

You have two choices - keep paying other people absurd amounts of interest, or take that step to do something about it and get yourself out of debt. Having debt can be mentally draining - it doesn't have to be that way. Debt Payoff PDQ can show you how to get completely out of debt - imagine how you'll feel not owing anyone anything! Are you ready to take that step?


STEP 2: Create a plan that works

This is the tough part. What kind of plan? The internet certainly provides a wealth of information. Some good, some bad - and everyone has an opinion - "Payoff the high interest rates first"...or, "Consolidate your debt"..."Take out a personal loan", blah blah blah...These answers didn't satisfy me - I wanted to find a method that would work for me quickly and made good common sense. Most importantly, a simple method - I didn't want complicated formulas, and all kinds of spreadsheets to worry about.

I paid hundreds of dollars for different programs - read online endlessly, trying different things and evaluating techniques. I finally discovered one specific technique that actually works and is the foundation of many expensive software packages. The beauty of this process is that it works quickly, Pretty Darn Quickly! But even with this technique, you need a good way to visualize it - spreadsheets and all the math, well, it wasn't for me. I wanted something in plain english that told me exactly what to do. Enter, Debt Payoff PDQ - create a FREE account, provide your debt information, press a button, and your Debt Payoff Schedule is generated in less than a second for FREE! You'll see the estimated date you will be completely debt-free at no cost to you. If you want to use our plan simply order the PDQ Payoff Plan which will show you step-by-step, in plain english, how to achieve it!

There are many programs out there that sell for hundreds of dollars (trust me, I bought them). THIS SERVICE IS NOW 100% FREE! Check it out - my hope is to cover my costs, and who knows, maybe help change a few lives - it certainly changed mine. If you like this service, please consider making a donation to help cover the costs of the server hosting.


STEP 3: Stick to it

You've heard the phrase, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink". No matter which Debt Program you use, it takes discipline each month to follow your plan. The first few months are almost always the hardest - but it only takes a few months to start seeing the beauty - followed by the increased awareness of your shrinking debt, then comes the excitement of seeing your plan working for you!

What next...

If you're still hesitant - take the quick 60 second test, and see if this program will work for you.

I hope you'll give the Debt Payoff PDQ Program a try - you will quickly see how exciting paying off your debt can be!

I wish you success with the Debt Payoff PDQ program, and I hope it changes your life as it did mine...

Find out in 60 seconds if this program will work for you...
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